Powering Companies via Instagram in 2021 with Alpha Media Group

The most popular social media platform is Facebook. The second-most accessed network behind Facebook is Instagram, which sees over one billion active monthly users and 500 million daily Instagram stories. The increase in brands who’ve developed a presence on this platform has skyrocketed. 

Oberlo estimates 71% of US businesses use Instagram as a marketing tool.

 Alpha Media Group, a branding and digital marketing agency based out of Texas, Hawaii, Nevada, and California, utilizes the power of the Instagram platform to grow its audiences and drive traffic and revenue for its clients. The first step to success with Instagram is establishing set goals for the use of this social media power tool. The next step is to identify the client avatar (target audience). 

Other critical steps are:

-Maintain consistency in brand development

-Research the competition

-Stay consistent in posting content that engages users with visuals and supportive copy 

What Makes Instagram a Popular Social Media Platform 

One reason for the rising popularity of Instagram is the ease of use right from a mobile phone. The platform is simple to navigate, appealing for users and brands who want a solid online presence. It’s also great to upload photos and videos on Instagram that range from 15 seconds long to up to 60 minutes (videos). The quick upload process from a hand-held device makes it simple for more people and businesses of all sizes to share their stories using Instagram. It’s the leading image-based social media platform that allows users to share unlimited photos and short videos with friends, family, and the general public for free. In addition, it does not require as much commitment as some other platforms such as Pinterest or Facebook, making it a good choice for those who want to connect but may not have the time for something more intense.

From many discussions with active users, the simplicity of Instagram is also what makes it so appealing; it’s easy enough to understand and use that anyone can pick up and start using it right away. In addition, the image-based attracts those who like sharing photos and videos with others. With such a wide variety of people engaged on the platform, it has become a global phenomenon and one of the leading social media platforms in the 21st century. 

Creating a Strategy with Social Media 

The first step to a successful online presence is to create a long-term strategy process. The more specific and clear the goal, the easier it is to accomplish it through social media marketing tools like Instagram. For example, if a company’s goal is to increase sales, the owners or the social media management team would want to know how many sales the business is looking for before setting up an Instagram account. The next step in this process is choosing the right audience that aligns with those goals. 

Choose the Right Audience on Social Media

Every person or company should first develop a new social media marketing campaign across any platform that knows its target audience. For example, what is the demographic reach? What are the purchasing habits or styles of consuming content? After a clear picture of the brand’s voice and its following on the platform, one can begin using that information in branding. More users can find the brand by searching for hashtags, relevant content, and scrolling. Another crucial step is to remain consistent in the brand development, posting content that engages users with visuals and having a solid online presence across other platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Research the Competition

Another way to grow on Instagram is to research competition. If it is apparent what type of content they’re sharing, how often they post, and how they’re branding themselves, then one can use that information to their advantage. The first step is knowing what type of content resonates with a target audience the most. The next step is sharing similar kinds of visuals based on those findings. Be an avid student of competition and influencers on Instagram.  

Identify the Right Audience for Instagram

Is the content of the Instagram account strictly personal, simply a form of social media for one to engage with friends and family? Then it’s probably a good idea to keep this audience in mind when considering what types of photos and videos should be posted. If someone has children, for instance, it might be easier if they appear in 90% of their content, so they can direct family and friends right to their profile instead of sending them a separate message with a link each time.

Stay Consistent with Building the Brand 

Suppose someone is serious about building a personal or business brand on Instagram. In that case, it takes a long-term commitment, consistent with personal or business branding content and a clear message to the audience. Building a Brand is not a sprint; it’s more of a marathon. Endurance through challenges, grit to keep moving forward, and a positive attitude create brands that will stand the test of time. In the online digital space, especially social media, consistency of efforts equals stability of outcomes. 

How to Create an Instagram Account

Instagram has taken over small businesses in droves due to its accessibility and visual appeal. Companies should have their own exclusive Instagram account. It’s simple to set up on this platform for a business:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and click Sign Up With iPhone or Email. Open the phone’s “Settings” and click on Instagram.

Step 2: Enter the account details. Click “Create an account.” Enter the email address to be used for this account, password, birthday information (month/day), upload a profile picture (users must be 13+), the username (this is like an email address), and then the user’s real name (required).

Step 3: Pick a username. After entering all this information, click on the link to create an account. If the link is not visible, click “Sign Up With Facebook” instead. Instagram will notify someone if the username is available or not, and once it is okay for the user to use it, they will be able to proceed.

Step 4: Choose a profile picture that creates a good first impression and ongoing brand recognition. As a suggestion, use a recent, personal photo. If possible, the profile picture should be of someone standing or sitting in front of a transparent background wearing something representing the business or personal brand. This picture does not have to be in color, and the resolution should be high quality (at least 575 x 575). Using a logo instead of an actual photo can look tacky and unprofessional. Profile photos are simply for brand recognition of the account. Keep the profile picture and content recognizable and straightforward. In a world full of brands to choose from, sometimes less is more.

Step 5: Next up — The Instagram Bio is a first impression piece. Instagram profiles should have sufficient, relevant detail to provide a quick snapshot into the personal or business brand but remain short and sweet enough for people actually to read what is written. Keep the content at 150 words or less; quality over quantity. This is an excellent space to offer promotions, upcoming events, a new product line, or any upcoming deals that interest potential customers.

Step 6: Adjust the Settings. It is simple to adjust by going into the settings option on Instagram (on the right-hand side, where it says “Edit Profile”). Here’s a list of things someone can adjust:

• Change the Instagram username (not recommended)

• Allow people to send messages through the app (adjust it based on preference)

• Show who views the photos or stories in the activity log 

 Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a way to add depth and value to the brand of the Instagram account. Since Instagram Stories are only live on someone’s Instagram feed for 24 hours, it makes them a great way to promote new products or share breaking news without making it too permanent. Brand Authority and engaging storytelling are significant factors in Google Algorithms in 2021. Audiences want stories that educate, entertain and enlighten them with new or stimulating information. 

How to Post to an Instagram Story

Accessibility to Instagram Stories is simple by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the home screen. From there, click “New Story” to add a post specifically to the story. For example, a user can take photos and videos in the app or upload something from their camera roll. After finishing, add an emoji caption to a short description of the post using a few hashtags representing the message to connect with the target audience. 

How to Add Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Story highlights are an effective method to create and share a series of posts, but this feature is still relatively new, so it may take time for followers to see them. To add Instagram Story highlights, click on the home screen and pick “Highlights” from the bottom (this should be on the left side of the screen next to “Stories”). From there, it’s simple to choose to upload photos and videos individually or create a highlight reel.

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are an excellent way to help add exposure to Instagram accounts and traffic to profiles. However, it is not good practice to add just any hashtag or as many as possible; they have to be relevant to the post to gain traction with the Instagram account followers. 

Getting Started With a Social Media Marketing Agency 

Instagram is one of the essential tools for marketers today. With over 1 billion active users, Instagram has changed the game in social media and mobile interaction. The team at Alpha Media Group embraces changes with Instagram advertising campaigns. The team of experts will work with companies to design effective campaigns to meet business goals. There are more than 35 million small businesses on Instagram today, meaning that a business has so much opportunity to tap into their network, interact with them, and grow the customer base. Not only does this help the user stand out among the competition, but it also helps them connect with potential customers.

 Alpha Media Group, specializing in building brands, is available for free consultations about Social Media Management by calling (214) 531-3979 or visiting the website: https://alphamedia.group/.

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