How Junk Hauling Services Help Property Managers

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Have you ever wondered whose job it is to take care of the 200 apartments in the building down the street? The now-empty house on the corner used to be occupied by an eccentric group of people, they’ve moved on but they left most of their junk behind. Who is going to clean that place up? If you think about stores remodeling and companies going out of business leaving their items behind, you might wonder who takes care of all that stuff.

The smartest property managers or companies utilize the services of a professional junk hauler. Not the kid down the street with a beat-up old truck, but a service that knows how to get the job done efficiently and quickly. 

If you are a property manager it isn’t difficult to think of a time you could have used, or did use, junk hauling services. 

Examples of times a junk hauling service could save you time, money, and a whole lot of labor include:

  • College Move-outs – College students are used to living at home with their parents and not picking up after themselves. Once they go to college the stuff they toss about stays where it lands. Parties are another high priority for many college students. They turn the place upside down and when they move on, their junk doesn’t. You’ll need a clean-up crew to get the place back in shape.


  • Evictions – Evictions by their very nature are unpleasant situations. Evicted tenants are usually upset and think they don’t have to clean the place up before they leave. Many evicted tenants actually leave their unwanted broken items and trash behind when they leave, turning the place into a disaster zone.
  • Motels – Some people end up living in motels for an extended period of time. They are nomadic by nature and don’t stay in one place very long. When they feel the urge to travel, they just head out leaving everything they can’t carry behind.
  • Remodels – When tenants move out, the property manager is responsible for replacing broken appliances, getting new carpet, and any other remodeling that needs to be done. The debris left from those projects needs to be cleaned up and hauled away.
  • Squatters – Squatters are people who move into a vacant home and take up residence. They are trespassing, but they stay until they are forced out. They often trash a place before they leave. 


Being a property manager is a demanding job. They collect rent which is sometimes late or not paid at all. They have to deal with noise complaints and angry neighbors and property destruction. They must navigate narrow space between the human behavior of tenants and the management of property which is difficult even in the best of times.

When you walk into that vacant house and see the piles of trash and junk and know the carpet will have to go as well, you wonder where to even start. That is when you call a professional junk hauling service. 

They will come in and assess the situation and begin to tackle the job in the most efficient manner. It’s what they do and it will save you a ton of time and effort. 

For all your hauling needs give GI Junk Away a call today!

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